Ode to Friendship

May 17, 2017
By Woo2u SILVER, Malden, Massachusetts
Woo2u SILVER, Malden, Massachusetts
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May blessings be bestowed on those who have developed genuine camaraderie;
for they contrast the unpolished- the sect of humanity deficient of conviviality.
Oblivious to love, heedful to indifference.
Confidants become hedonists, experiencing the satisfaction which accompanies mutual companionships.
However, the dire inquiry demanding a response:
What constitutes as a friend?
Is a friend only a mere associate?
Or comparable to a true love: the partner one could never fathom existing without?


O Friendship! Where did thou hail from?
You transfigured into the Light necessitated in a world seemingly Dark
Healed the heartaches, recuperated the Hope
You proffered rationale to live for those who opposed the argument.
Where did thou hail from?
Magnificent, Majestic, and Monumental
Appellations employed to adorn you
But it remains forgotten that not all friendships emerged as such.


Commemorate the bona fide and wisely-conceived pacts
So they shall endure longer than our mortality
Friendship is The Conquerer of all Conquerers
For when the cornerstone of Friendship emanates formidability,
It becomes sacrosanct. 
Far from starkness and effortlessness
Ir presents its challenges and metamorphoses into and embodiment of Life.

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