The Climb

March 20, 2009
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There is a dark black cloud
Always on a constant horizon
All of the sin and shadows crowd
To trip those who are risin’
Every step we take leaves a mark
The earth is full of footprints
No longer a bright sphere, but dark
Sparkling stars are now more intense
Everyone has a shadow in the light of the sun
On a full moon the affect is the same
No matter how dark it is you cannot outrun
All of the tears build your pool of fame
Forming a mirror in the waters you shed
Life pushes you in but fear forces you to swim
Never let your tears fill past your head
Always play it safe no bets, no whims
Do we live while alive and breathing
So scared to shed some blood or tears
All of the life in us hides writhing
Wanting out to show us and pursue our fears
A shadow is a silhouette of our inner being
The other side we lock away for life
No trust of who we really are seeing
But we know deep down it cuts like a knife
Acceptance can only start with that silhouette
You can never cut it out of the suns rays
Take a change live your life, take that bet
Memories are the color on the grey days
Your shadow is caused by you blocking the sun
Any way you decide to go it will chase
On and on until you come undone
Nagging until pursuit of happiness is a waste

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