March 20, 2009
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Those girls
they're all the same
they walk in with Ben
they walk out with Kevin.

They breakup on night
make up the other.
They kiss and fight
and play the damn victims.

How high are they going to get
before they come crashing down?
How big of a head they have
if they're head's in the clouds.

She's one of them
with her perky smile
trying to fake innocence.
He sees her, walking by
and he thinks she's it.
He doesn't know she's just using him
to make her Caleb jealous.
She's no different than her friend
they're both obnoxiously the same.

But he doesn't see me.
He just thinks I'm different.
Because I don't party every night,
and I don't drink the beer.
Because I've never had a boyfriend
and she's had fifty a year.

She tells him how she loves him
and he's so naive
how he says it back.
She wrappes him around her little finger
and Caleb's back in the picture.
He sees her kissing the other guy,
saying what he did wrong.
How could she have cheated,
if they were going so strong.

Oh, sure he's heartbroken
he's the one loosing
while the rest of the world's winning.
I can't blame him,
she had him in the palm of her hands
she played the pieces right
and he held on tight.

Caleb takes her back
and he wants to beat him up.
And he thinks he's been smart,
he thinks how could a guy like him
have been so dim.

And I watch all this going on
from the bleachers in the field
he's taking her hands
and explaining how he feels.
She backs off, faking sadness
says she's sorry, the game has been a madness.

I sit watching
knowing deep in me
that I was right all along.
That I am different
I'm not the prettiest
but I know myself
and what I want
and I would never do that to him.
I sit waiting
because I know what will happen
he'll come back to me saying,
what an awful friend he's been
how he should've listen.
I say I'm sorry
how hard it must have been
that I'm glad he's figured it out
and sorry he didn't win.

Now we're not together
because he's missed his chance
and as he sees me walking
holding Vince's hand
he thinks what a fool he's been
by letting different be unseen.

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