March 20, 2009
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I remember dancing in the rain,
Smiles were all around me,
Back when we were the same,
The days are lost with memory.

Now we glance in dirty mirrors,
Not knowing where our future lies,
Tangled up in hopes and fears,
Our reflections are a sad disguise.

Unlock all the forgotten memories,
Shake off the dust and grit,
Taste the rain fall once again,
Keep the candle lit.

The corridors speak in this silent war,
Their darkness is so deep,
I look to that forbidden door,
And wish to take a peek.

My curiosity comes flooding in,
I gently turn the knob,
My soul is hoping I will win,
And rid this evil mob.

All at once life is back,
Just as was before,
And yet I'll always wonder,
how I opened the locked door.

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