The mask

May 19, 2017

I wear the mask that allows me to coat my body with tropical salty water. The mask that hides the sadness and madness, in life. The waves whisper to me,  and the sand hugs my feet, while the fish swim in an orderly fashion around me. The mask captures and carries me into a mystical underwater scene, as I watch the sun project mesmerizing silhouettes, on the surface of the waves.

I wear the mask that allows me to see underwater.
The mask that takes me deep down, where the once sapphire blue changes gradually into a midnight shade, becoming so deep I can no longer breathe.
It shows me the world of happiness and the seagrass beds where I can withdraw my worries.

I wear the mask that takes me to a blissful reef where coral grows removing grief. I have come to see the sun and ocean collide gracefully, leaving satisfaction as  I come to realize the ocean is a symbol of tranquility and happiness that I will forever keep.

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