Where I am from

May 19, 2017

I am from…..
the crystal clear waves,
that play along with colorful fish,
and sparkling sands that spiral in movement.

I am from…..
the rainy outside,
as the rain gently drizzled on my back
as if the clouds were crying.

I am from…...
the bright days and dark nights,
as I watched the sun and moon dance together
as the stars lit up the scene.

I am from…..
the rocking hammock,
that sways with the salty sea breeze.

I am from….
The blueberries, and raspberries.
Hidden in waffles,
on bright Sunday mornings.

I am from……
the relaxation,
That surrounded me with
Lush greenery.

I am from…..
the bubbles exploding
on the surface of the pool.

I am from…..
the arts, and crafts
that glued my life and happiness


I am from….
the tv screens, and red carpet scenes
that I watched with my family
in our media room.

I am from…
the happiness found in December days,
along with the squeals and cheers on
Christmas day.

I am from….
the slobbery licks and wags
Of my 4-legged friend.

Lastly, I am from the love and
happiness found in my home.

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