Cleaning a Pontoon

May 19, 2017

“Colin, come down here please, I need your help!”
I race down to the dock, not knowing if my dad needs help
because he is hurt, or to clean some more. “What’s wrong?”

“I need you to clean the boat so we can put its cover on and lift it.”
I jog back to the house, and into the dark, storage room to retrieve
an outdoor vacuum so I can vacuum the boat. This isn’t an easy,
push-vacuum, though. Rather, it is a hand-held vacuum,
so I have to do a lot more work.

It takes me an hour to vacuum the filthy pontoon’s carpet,
and wipe off its dirt and who-knows-what-else stained surfaces.

Then, we had to put the boat’s cover on
and since I am the smallest, I have the honors
of crawling in the boat with this huge cover on top
of me and making sure that the support-poles were upright
and that the cover is in the correct spot.

If things go wrong, I could be trapped under a gigantic,
dirty, tarp and would probably suffocate. Once the cover
was fully on, and checked, I raised the boat up and locked
everything on the dock.

Cleaning is so fun! What a great way to spend
a beautiful, nice, warm-day at the lake!

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