Moving Again

May 19, 2017
By JackSondag BRONZE, Riverside, Connecticut
JackSondag BRONZE, Riverside, Connecticut
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Pack your clothes we are moving again; you will have fun, don’t worry; it will be just like last time; we moved here and you liked it, and we will move again and you will like it; this is how you should pack your suitcase to fit the most clothes; be sure to pack your school clothes; don’t bring your attitude, it won't be useful there; be ready to learn a new language, and forget the other one you just learned; where are we going; stop asking questions; it will all make sense when we get there; you need to see your father more; hurry up with your packing; make sure you double check your suitcase; ok you are ready; we are leaving now let's go; don’t talk back to me; can i bring my friends; you will make new friends; this is how you make new friends; this is how you introduce yourself; this is how you shake someone’s hand; this is how you look them eye; don’t be that boy who has a soft handshake; don't be that boy who is too shy to look someone in the eye; when we get there it will be hot; but the plane will be cold; this is how you pop your ears on the plane; this is how you sleep while sitting; this is how you climb over all the people next to you to get out of your seat; when we get there this is how you talk to the immigration officer; this is how you ask for directions; this is how you act like you know what someone is saying when you really have no idea; this is where we are staying now; the buildings all look old; this is the town we are in now; this is the history of all the buildings; you like football now, not soccer; you like food and long meals with your family; this is where you go to school now; you will do well don't worry; this is how you get home from school everyday; be careful on your way, these drivers are crazy; when you see your father, this is how you talk; this is what you should talk about; this is how you order food; don't be the boy that eats the same thing every night; but margherita pizzas are my favorite; this is how you try something new; this is how you like that new something; and if you don't like this something new then we will go somewhere else; go out and explore the new world you live in; these are the best places to buy clothes; these are the best gelaterias in town; this is the best place to bring friends and watch the sunset; this is where you take the train, but watch out for gypsies they are everywhere; this is the street that you can walk at night; this is where we live now; okay now pack your bags; we are moving again.

The author's comments:

In this story, I tried to show the life of a kid who moves around a lot. It is told through the perspective of a parent, who is his mom, and is forcing the kid into different situations around the world. This piece follows the work of Kincaid, and I thought this story would be perfect for this format because it tells an entire and what would normally be a long story in one sentence. There is a sense of briefness to it, yet at the same time there was a lot that went on and happened and like the story “girl” a lot that both the characters learned about each other.

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