The Party

March 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Intimidation is eased by the silver-tongued bastards,
Offering keys to happiness in the form of those small disgusting lumps.

Euphoria beyond belief, epiphanies at the simple, never-faltering amazement in the passion of our very own carnal knowledge,
All presented within the spectrum of chemical bonds disguised as delectable candy.

Company provided all around as everyone’s perceptions adjust to the same wavelength,
Hardly better than an overwhelmed brainwashing, but comforts still retained in the sensation of belonging.

Psychologically stirred, subtle actions emphasize themselves as brilliant extravagant forms, leaving the eye deceived by the illusions caused.

Disillusioned from surroundings, being becomes deluded amidst the infant-like imagination,
Unexplored paths of thought become known and embraced, brought about only by the constant stream of events initiated in your body by the substance.

Their four faces remain enigmatic; their bodies intertwined upon the floor, letting every molecule synchronize with the exhilarating temper of the room,
Every pupil opened wide like a mouth gasping for air, the eyes themselves gasping for reality.

The end leaves us all emotionally tapped,
Lifetimes and eternities of sensations crowded into a night, leaving us undeniably different than before.

The one with the soft hazel eyes teems with exhaustion,
“Life has never sounded so inviting,” muttered before he falls asleep to the hymns of the growling car with the rest of them.

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