The Guy In The Sky

March 20, 2009
Reaching down from the heavens
Sharing the sun, brining light to our world
The sun kisses the stars good night
Leaving the sun the man is now in the moon
Throwing his sacred stars into the night
To brighten the sky
A wish is made
So he plucks a star from the sky
Like you would pick an apple from a tree
And fafills your wish
When day break is close he collects his precious stars
Steeling away the light
The moon greets the sun
And he gose back as well
Bringing a new light to the skys
Light of many colors
Pink, yellow, orenge, and a hint of red
brightening the pale sky
Like an artist would an empty canvas
Shades of blue take its place
The guy in th sky shines out for us to light our way.

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