No more Sunrises

May 18, 2017
By , Boulder, CO

This is a poem about the feelings of depression.

Chapter 1: No more Sunrises

No more Sunrises

I see the dark in every thing now,
The light’s getting a little bit dimmer now,
I just want to disappear to take the pain away.

At every stumble
I fall unconsciously deeper
into its perpetual grasp
full of agony and despair.

I find it impossible
to see the people
who share my hardship.

I feel so alone
yet surrounded by everyone.
Ostracized in a sea of smiles.

Walking through the labyrinth of life
I seem to only find dead ends.
Giving up all my energy,
to get nowhere.

My soul caught in the gloom
of the past.

Never looking at what could be,
just at what was.

I am cold,




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