A Divided Act

March 20, 2009
By Not_Zac SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
Not_Zac SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
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A lost cause from abandoned dreams,
Something with nothing left to mean.
The acts of one may publish the acts of two.
I never really expected this of you.
Far from what thoughts may be true,
Needing to find a part of me new.
Tremble this to thought--
What if we lost, the Heart to care, the Mind to see, or our Soul to be..
Three pures I love most--
Breaking these can make one judge your character,
But not mine to judge, only yours to show.
Destroying all that I know...
And little could you know,
I now own my soul.
Second chances deserve a lost cause.
Why would you go again?
You've lost a truly good friend.
I knew it was not the last,
And to avoid actions repeating from my past,
I will not allow anything to last!
To solve this problem,
One must choose.
Stay and be abused?
Or make my choice for new.
I am sick of the two-faced, three-faced, hypocrite liar that you are!
How in the world did I let myself travel so far?
Warning's left and right.
MY decision final, in just one night.
I read signs, I follow thoughts, knew this was coming, now I’m better off.
I hope you'll have fun with the emptiness you will become.
Not now, not ever will he change..
Go off then, what other choice do you have?
I most certainly will not remember what we had.
Do not tell me I am wrong.
I know how it works, I have seen it countless times!
...but you refuse to listen.
So then I refuse to be kind, refuse to acknowledge, and refuse to help again.
A random camouflage only good enough to fool the desperate.
Oh my look how pitiful you have become.
Do not tell me one thing and act another!
If only that part of you would die,
Maybe then I would allow you to try!
I hope you rot and decay!
Regretting every mistake you have made!
And I will be there, to laugh at your ill judgment.
Or maybe not, either way I will win,
Because no one cares for your life, a Sin.

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