Mother Of Mine

May 15, 2017
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Oh, fated lady, you've truly seized my heart in a net,
Pat, pat, my tiny baby feet go,
I'm glad that we've met

Many underestimate your strength,
Will you scoff at such idiocy?
you will catch up to all and us, no matter the length
Gentle embraces that we all crave from you,
The field of life we all tread, say you'll love us till dead
Stomp, stomp, our feet follow each other

You're the mightiest bull, not a lamb of soft wool,
You've survived the hardships, watching over us for you don't want to miss
A game of hide and seek we mustn't play
You're a great wall, many can't seem to make you fall
BANG! BANG! They try but do not succeed
Yet a tenderness you have for us, is more than a tad
Your love is worth more, you spend it on us so we're never poor
We've got money, but our love costs more
Speaking of, you cherish us like a pirate with his riches,
CA-CHING! CA-CHING! It never runs out
You never let anyone twist our britches

I've been told, lacking love will leave you cold
Warm me up with your lively embrace
You've given me the richness of a mother's warmth and protection,
Yes, there is no need for correction
I fear that a goodbye must come, but even after departure,
The reaper may separate us from each other, sadly so
Our hearts will beat together loudly like a drum
Ba-dum! Ba-dum! There they go!

You're the bull of the arena and the riches of the world,
You are my universe and I pray that nothing will get worse

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