Conversations With Angels

March 20, 2009
By Garrett Brown BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
Garrett Brown BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
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How much for your wings?
Was the price once more?

My wings, for you, come free.
Because there should never be an angel like me.
What you pay will be the most they have ever cost.
Because I have wasted the life you have lost.

How much for your halo?
Why must it be worn so low?

My halo, for you, shall be a gift.
I cannot wear the mark of an angel when dealing with demons.
I wear it low because I like it this way.
It keeps the sun from my face while I sit here all day.

How much for your story?
Where is your happy ending?

My story, for you, costs nothing.
Because it is a sad story of wasted youth and broken dreams.
My ending is happy.
Because you know of me, you wear my halo, and you use my wings.
You have become what I tried to be.
You will fulfill my dreams.
You are an angel.
You are an angel.

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