Where I'm From

May 15, 2017
By Anonymous

I am from gumballs and dum-dums

From green beans and potatoes

Watermelon and honeydew
I am from the Care Bear collection in the bedroom

My brother’s Nintendo 64

And my sister’s karaoke machine
I am from the house next to Krissy and Ty

I am from the house on the big hill

With the last stop on the bus

I am from the house with the red walls and leather couch
I am from the house with the hole in the bathroom wall
I am from the country trees

And the suburban sandbox
I am from Polly Pockets and Bratz

From bicycles and roller skates

And Goosebumps
And Junie B. Jones
And Build-A-Bear Workshop
I am from bathrobes and Harry Potter

And pencils in aluminum foil

I am from bean bag chairs

And tea parties
I am from too North to be South

And too South to be North
I am from all the people in between

And the friends that turned into family

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