Dealing with the pain

May 14, 2017
By , Denver, CO

                                                              Down her  
                                                           Eyes making 
                                                       Her face as wet as 
                                                    A river flowing .More 
                                                Tears come out . She hopes  
                                             That it will stop, but it doesn’t 
                                           It will never stop .She hopes  and  
                                       Prays it will stop , it will never stop.                                           Her Head hurts  from all the thoughts that are 
                                     Going through her head .One of the thoughts 
                                      That is going through her head is what is going  
                                        Through his head .But then she is so relieved  
                                           That all the pain and everything is gone and  
                                                Over . Never to be thought of again , ever .  
                                                    But don’t feel bad for her she is fine with it 
                                                        With it .She can live with it ..

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