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May 14, 2017
By eelear BRONZE, Thorton, Colorado
eelear BRONZE, Thorton, Colorado
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You don’t always get what you want
Life won't always be easy
In life people think you're lucky 
When your little life seems great
But eventually it will just snap 
You'll see now how bad things are 
You'll get hurt
Abused, and you'll have friends
Real and fake
Then you will see there's no point in life
You will just want it to end 
In life you'll get in trouble 
And the only thing you can do is lie
Once your eyes open 
You'll see your getting hurt
And once you're in middle school 
You'll just collapse 
Grades get bad and hard to change
Then in high school 
You'll just get mad at random thing
After graduation you will be free to make your own decisions

The author's comments:

I mad this poem about how hard life is right now. It is about my friends and school, but it also is mostly about my father and how he treats me. So when I was little I had a lot of friends but I had two main friends but then a new girl came and she hated me and made me leave the group. After that I got new friends and they used me by saying if I don't buy them something I can't sit with them. So every day I bought them chips, cookies, and drinks. After a while I got a new friend. Then we started our own group. I now have 7 best friends that I can trust. But then once I got into 6th grade I started to hate my father because I saw what he was doing to me. I didn’t tell my mom till I got into 7th grade but she didn’t know what to do so I emailed my principle and vice principle and they have been trying to help me. I still have to see my father though. But that is what my story is mainly about.

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