May 11, 2017
By rook_plays_checkers BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
rook_plays_checkers BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
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In youth I sold my days away
Working to be a man
I blindly chose

More sweat than blood

I thought the days were long
instead the nights beat thin

What I earned had no worth
When weighed against past time

Now I gaze at this husk of mine
Accompanied by none

breathing myself to death
On top these burlap sheets
Right now I lay


Dreaming to be awake

To take my choices back
To step back into time
To stand among the absent
Past friends that once were mine

To know once more
The days i've missed
Or see another face

I come
to Gasp
My last

The author's comments:

I wrote the piece as a bit of a cautionary tale to people who are too eager to grow up and leave their childhood behind. 

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