Anxiety and Depression

May 11, 2017
By Alysha17 BRONZE, Columbia , Missouri
Alysha17 BRONZE, Columbia , Missouri
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Having anxiety and depression is like drowning
You have no motivation because of depression
but your anxiety is trying to push you
It's like caring but not caring at the same time
You want to panic and cry at the same time
You want to ask for help
But you are scared of bothering people
Having anxiety and depression is like a living hell
But they are like partners in crime
You can't have one without the other
I haven't learned to cope with you
And I say sorry to my mind for that
I promise that I'm trying
I haven't given up
I won't stop
By the end of the year I promise you will be fine
For my life doesn't stop because they are here
I will learn to cope with them
They can still be there
I'm sorry to my body
Who feels tired because of them
I hope you can get a break from them soon
Your guard is up
You struggle to trust yourself
But remember I love you and we will be better and that's a promise

The author's comments:

My own experiences with generalized anxiety disorder and depression was my inspiration to this poem. 

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