Standing Still

March 20, 2009
By morganGiusti GOLD, Millbrae, California
morganGiusti GOLD, Millbrae, California
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Its all going too fast
Whirring around me
How long will this last?
This world of fury

Hatred, pain
They scar my heart
None to gain
From finish to start

Its seems to go
Forever and ever
The world of hurt
From an endeavor

All is a blur
I see every color
Theres no figure
In the blaze surrounding me

So much pain
But nothing to gain
I can’t even see
A thing around me

I can’t seem to breathe
My body shuts down
The pain, the grief
I’m beyond a frown

Has it been forever?
That I’ve stood here
Has every tear
Been left in fear?

A tear, a tear!
I wipe my eye
The world slows down
I can see birds fly
I can see the sky
Never again did I ask why
Why, why pain hurt
Because the next time,
I’d just wipe my eye
And see the beauty
That surrounds me

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