The Long Days

May 10, 2017
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Every day is just the same,
Just like those who’ve come and gone.
Remembering the face, but not the name.
Was it Matt, Mark, Luke, or John?

A late waking,
Lying around like a sloth,
Head is aching,
And staying up at night like a moth.

Some call it dog days,
Others call it vacation.
To me it’s just a foggy haze.
Days and days, filled with frustration.

All my friends have gone away.
Foreign places, camps, and trips.
Here at home I must stay.
Watching Netflix and eating chips.

I find school much more fun,
I can talk with friends.
Getting good grades is easily done,
But with finals school ends.

Now, alone with nothing to do,
Too bored to go into the pool.
Just another week or two.
Until I go back to school.

What we do won’t matter.
Every summer is so lame.
The season ends in a scatter.
Every day is just the same.

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