May 10, 2017
By AllysonNewkirk BRONZE, Franklin, Tennessee
AllysonNewkirk BRONZE, Franklin, Tennessee
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It all started with a jump off an object I could not see
The feeling felt good at the start but it then soon started to leave
The wind in my hair
Chills creeping up my neck
The butterflies in my stomach sinking to my chest
It was a good day one to remember
Because it seemed like the good dreams would always stay forever
The air was sweet like the candy shop on avenue A
Making my heart fill with the sweet scent 
And the sunset like a fresh pot of melting honey
Blue birds and dragonflies in the skies I saw
Hoping they will catch me and bring me back up from the great fall
The fall was a mighty one three thousand feet down,
But I pretended I was a skydiver flying through the clouds above
Closer and Closer the ground may seem
Just keep looking up at the bright sun's gleam
I looked at the clouds to keep my mind off the fall
Wishing they were cotton candy laid upon my tongue
Closing my eyes I breathed in the air
But wait the sweet air had turned something putrid
The clouds started to change to monsters growling at me,
And the blue birds to crows clawing at me
I cried and yelped for some help,
But no one was there
Only the air
The afternoon changed to night
So now it was time for me to fight
I fought the monster on my way down
Making sure there was not a scratch on my body to fix back on the ground
The ground, I was almost there
My heart started to race
And it felt like it was going three thousand beats per second,
But all I could think of was the ground
I started to imagine a clock ticking around and around
The clock started at 30 seconds and made its way down
Five, four, three, two
Dust swarming around me
The pain in my chest,
But I started to get weary so I closed my eyes for a rest
There was a moment of peace till I heard that big blair
Sirens I heard sirens coming up the hill 
Someone was shaking me awake
My alarm blared like a fire truck
Wait, was it a dream?
It was
I was finally at peace

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