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May 10, 2017
By Ricoo BRONZE, Clanton, Alabama
Ricoo BRONZE, Clanton, Alabama
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I honestly don’t know what I believe. I try to think of what there is to believe, but everything can change. I believe abuse is terrible yet people are getting away with hurting and abusing their child and their spouse . The world we live in does not have any morals. This world is sadistic and hell in real life.

I believe bullying is wrong, but the world sees it in a whole different perspective. People see bullying as more of a physical thing instead of a mental thing. I have seenmy friends go through depression not because they are constantly being hit, but because of the words that comes out of the person. Words are very powerful.

Maybe that is what I believe. I believe words can ruin and kill more lives than you think. Words can cause chaos and eventually lead to problems that can be a disaster. Physical fights cannot spontaneously, but it starts by just a few words. Those turns to fights and sometimes if the fight is really bad, it can lead to death.That scenario can easily be avoided if you use mind and realize words it is the most powerful thing ever. I see words not as much as an action, but I see it more of an emotion. The words you say are said by emotion. Words express how you are  feeling. Whether you are happy, or whether you are crying, your emotions will show in the words. 
It took long enough, but I know what  I believe. I think.

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