The resoning of the long winters.

March 19, 2009
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the sun glazing the sky with a yellow film, the warmth of happiness embracing you whole, but surely the wind came whispering to your soul. It told you dark nights awaited and soon you'd grow old, as years yearned down the drain the fortune was fortold. And as the work came of shovling the snow away, yet not just clearing my yard, but my neighbors driveways. for all the smiles i once use to love, flew away, on the wings of a white dove. And here came the crow, tapping on my window sil and there behold a letter in it's long sharp bill. The day i become expected to leave the nest, the day i need to find a job, when i need to progress. For all these years waisted on my friends, i truly discovered, my driveway's the only one i should ever tend.

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