March 19, 2009
By isayiloveyouu GOLD, Castro Valley, California
isayiloveyouu GOLD, Castro Valley, California
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Tomorrow’s Another Day

I walk in darkness, alone and afraid.
I try to block it out, I’m not okay.
You watch me live and breathe and say,
“Tomorrow will be another day.”
It’s not.

Things stay the same.
I turn my face away from those who care.
I won’t dare to trust again when I’ve been hurt before.
It’s sad.

You all believe I’m perfect,
A trophy on the shelf.
Something to be won,
Thoughts like that don’t help.
I am no ones prize
Your lives lead to my demise.
It’s true.

I don’t believe in sunshine,
The smiles on faces of those passing by.
I’m a specter,
Just floating through life.
A shadow burdened with strife.
Absent of life.

It’s okay. Tomorrow’s another day…

The author's comments:
When I feel alone I write, and this is a product of that.

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