Another Generation

May 16, 2017
By NatalyaQuick BRONZE, Claremont , California
NatalyaQuick BRONZE, Claremont , California
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Here we are, another generation,

all wanting to make a change.

Learning from our mother and father

the difference between right and wrong.

But then there comes a point in our lives

When we form our own opinions and views.

Our views on politics, school, or life.

We grow up in places that are diverse,

Filled with all colors.

The suburbs, the cities, the country.

Brimming with people of different religions, genders,

and sexualities.

People that stand up for their rights.

Where being gay or transgender is acceptable.

Where you are respected if you are Muslim or Atheist

Where women are not just an object.

We are just teens and children who want equality.

But here we are again trying our hardest to fight back

but are always put down.

We are put down by haters and fakers.

People who disagree, and find a way to twist our views

We are knocked down by the people who try to seal our success,

People who take credit for our accomplishments.

But we know that we have to stick together.

Today we fill cities with seas of pink.

Posters rise up with words of empowerment.

Spending hours walking, marching and chanting for a reason

These People don't just fight for women,

But for everyone.

Now we all link arms and join in unity to express our thoughts.

Our thoughts on love, unity, and happiness

The author's comments:

Inspired by teen activists 

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