My Bipolar Friend

May 16, 2017
By gstrander BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
gstrander BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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My bipolar friend, you hurt and heal
I try to run because sometimes you’re not real
You pull me in slow and deep
Then push me away leaving me to weep

You can be wonderful and kind
But when you’re done you leave me behind
One minute you make me happy, with a huge smile
Making me think you are worth while

And then the next you make me cry
Making me think should I even try
To get things back to the way they were
Second chances do exist even when it is, all a blur

Overall my bipolar friend,
I appreciate the meaningful memories and moments
But do not care for the emotional torments
I adore the company and the laughter
But hate the way you leave me without ever after 

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