It's Those Three Simple Words

March 19, 2009
By Jazmine Sanjuan BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Jazmine Sanjuan BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Those three words always happen to slip out.
I don’t know why; it happens anyway.
Those three words that I need to talk about;
An addiction that never goes away

It’s those three words that haunt me in the night.
As I think why did I make that mistake?
Those three words that always seem to ignite
Everything I feel; everything that aches.

Those three words, oh they always make me cry
Although sometimes it is because I’m glad
It’s just those three words and I don’t know why
I need to say them; it’s like they’re a fad

I don’t want to say them what can I do?
It’s just those three simple words: I love you

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