Barely Lit

May 15, 2017
By OrangeNoom BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
OrangeNoom BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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                          At herself


                   Thinks about what

                 Has happened to her

                 Her bright smile gone

                 Her cheerfulness gone

                 Her bright person gone

                She once was as bright

                As the sun but now she

             Is like a candle BARELY LIT

The author's comments:

While creating my poem I kept think this poem kind of represents me in a way. I say this because I use to be a nice and wonderful, kind, and nice kid. Now I feel like I'm a dark person who really doesn’t care about anything. In the poem it says everything that has happened to the girl is bad but she puts on a mask and acts like everything is ok. This is why I believe this poem can relate to me as a person.

The reasons for me using the poetic devices I used were because I thought they fir with the poem. I used the similes because when a think of a happy or nice person it reminds me of the sun. I say the sun because the sun is bright. In this way a person who is always shining brightly can make you feel better. The candle is a good choice in my opinion because when a candle just gets lit it can lighten up a room, but when it starts dying out its shine dies along with it. This can be a metaphor for a person because when a person is born they're happy but as time goes on their happiness can get shorter every day, moth, or even a year. The repetition of words was because I think it had a nice ring to it and it makes easier to read to words.

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