My Addiction

May 13, 2017
By TomCalbi BRONZE, South Barrington, Illinois
TomCalbi BRONZE, South Barrington, Illinois
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I am a sports aficionado.

All of it
Watching, Analyzing and critiquing

I am a dreamer
I envision myself inside the sidelines
Holding up the championship trophy
No longer the analyst, but the player!

I have seen failure
Baseballs whizz by my open glove
I swing and miss at the tennis ball
Mental minnows of doubt swim in my head
I slump dejectedly away from the fields

I am a fighter
A swift shock of energy floods my body
Adrenaline, determination, commitment
I refuse to fail at something I love
Hours, Days, Months
And an athlete begins to take shape

I appreciate the strife of professional athletes
Their discipline, drive, and dedication
Even with their struggles and doubts
Nothing holds them back
From achieving their ultimate dreams.
All of my hard work will soon pay off:
I'll be a Division 1 player, not a watcher

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