March 19, 2009
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You broke me down
Made me feel like i was gonna drown
I didnt know how much more i could take
Everyday i felt like it was a new mistake
Letting you hit me,never knew what to do
I lied to my family cuz i thought i loved you
Then this new guy came around
Changed my life,turned it upside down
You found out i knew it was over
I couldnt fight you anymore
The next day i woke up bruises up and down
I didnt know what happened you werent around
From then on my life turned around
Weeks passed and i found out the truth
You hit me so hard you broke me
I passed out they finally knew the truth
I had hidden it too long,I thought i couldnt recover
Months later though im back to myself
I just want you to know that you've made me stronger
I just want you to know its not over

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