Pain will end, Someday..

May 12, 2017
By ShadowReplica GOLD, Mustang, Oklahoma
ShadowReplica GOLD, Mustang, Oklahoma
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"Don't fall in love with your own reflection."

Not one day passes by where I don’t think,
Where I don’t get sad,
Where I don't sink,
Where I don't get mad.


Everyday is the same,
No matter how hard I try,
Everything goes up in flames,
And all I can do is ask why.


You can see the sadness in my eyes,
When i walk by.
The sadness that keeps me up at night,
The sadness that doesn't make me feel right.


My eyes blur,
They hardly lie,
They know I’m tired,
That I don't want to try.


How about I show you how it feels,
Try to explain,
So you can feel my pain.


You just want to be in bed,
Hearing the screaming in your head,
You grow tired of feeling bound,
Trapped and made to feel drowned,tired of the suffering in your head,
There's no sound,
No way, no escape,
Like you're in a battleground.


All I can think somedays.. Is… I want to go out with a Bang!


But then I think,
I realize,
People need me,
And although I don't know why,
I got to stay and try.


I need to keep seeing the sun,
One day I won’t feel so done,
I’m not staying for everyone,
I’m only staying for the people that matter,
They’ll help me climb the ladder.

The author's comments:

Just a small throw together of a few previous works of mine for this english thing I had to do today. 

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