Change it

May 15, 2017
By , phoenix, AZ

Walk on the concrete of the messed up world. Trip on society of phones. Beep Beep. Take out the recorder. Record the robbery happening across the street. Police? No. Society is to busy Recording. Touch. Uploaded, 14k views in the matter of 2 hours. Society, Change it. Minors won’t even walk. They need to sit in a car and go on their phones while I walked 5 miles a day to get money for food. Suicide, happens because of bullying over the phone. Noxious fumes of hatred spread over the world killing our brains to just not care. Society, Change it. Substitute the kind air we breathe in with pollution that fills up inside of us making us sick. Throw trash onto the ground when you are standing RIGHT in front of a trash can. All of us are so ruined that we don’t even know how to handle the responsibility of being a normal human. Society is so bad that soon the world is just going to crumble under our feet and we won’t even notice that anything has changed because we are so used to the bad environment we already live in. Society, change it.

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