Starting From Scratch MAG

May 15, 2017
By Anonymous

I am from loving with all of my heart until I forget myself
I am stuck in the cycle of scrapping everything and starting from scratch
I sit in the phoenix’s embers with lingering visions of cleansing forest fires
I trace the scar tissue of my old burns
I try to remember how the sparks first started
I sit by the shore with seaweed tangled in my sandy hair
I sift through stones eaten smooth by the sea
I try to remember the forceful tides which brought us here
The moon slowly fills up her glass, her growing glowing light revealing what I have lost
If I look carefully enough I can pick it back up
Or I can toss it to the sea to be forgotten like the mass of rocks at the bottom
There is a choice that must be made here

The author's comments:

Originally this piece was supposed to be a bio poem, which is traditionally more definitive and upfront, less symbol-stuffed story, but it works.

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