May 15, 2017
By CameronHArris17 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
CameronHArris17 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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O, fabulous motocross you are so loved by me and my family you are the best sport in the world, when I ride my dirt bike I feel so happy. O, fabulous dirt bike you are so fun and have a lots of smiles on faces when they get one. O fabulous dirt bike your so fun to ride on the weekends. O when I race I have such a great time racing against good friends.

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May 9, 2017

Poem Reflection

I picked this motocross because it is my favorite sport and I love to ride my dirt bike when my dad takes me and my brothers J.J. and Kaleb to the track. When I ride I don’t think of anything else I could do that would be better than riding my dirt bike. I love to race and I look up to pro motocross racers, because that is what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be just like Eli Tomac or Ken Roczen when I grow up because they get to travel the world to go race and have fun at the track.

I picked an Ode, because I thought it would prove a point to tell you that I really like motocross and it is my dream to be a professional motocross racer. I used fabulous a lot because it is showing that I really like to do that and it is a hobby to me.

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