March 19, 2009
By Cecilia Cicone BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
Cecilia Cicone BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Time is of the essence,
Everyone tells me.
But I would like to know,
Is everyone’s time that way?

I start my morning at 5 a.m.
I have two hours to get ready,
So time is in no rush here.
So again I ask you,
Is everyone’s time of the essence?

Then, I go to school for seven hours,
This really is not necessary,
I do not learn all seven hours of the day,
I hope you understand,
That time is in no rush here,
With having seven hours,
I often get off track.
So I ask you again,
Is everyone’s of the essence?

Then, I go home,
To play and have some fun,
And relax after having a long day at school,
And perhaps learn a little more,
Through the homework that I have,
Which I’d really rather not do,
Because I feel that I already wasted seven hours,
So why do I have to waste some more time with work,
If time is of the essence?

I spend my time at home doing work,
Or chores,
Or sleeping,
But regardless of what I do,
I do not see time as being “of the essence”.

Time is endless,
It will always go on,
My time, at least,
Has a few more years to go.

I feel that maybe,
If you added things up,
You’d realize that really,
There is enough time,
For anything you’d want to do,
You might not do it today,
Or maybe not tomorrow,
But, regardless of when,
There will always be time.

So, time will always be here,
Contradicting what you say,
So I question one more time,
Is everyone’s time of the essence?

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