March 19, 2009
By jesusfreak21 BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
jesusfreak21 BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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I’m sick of school,
And praying everyday that somehow it might be cancelled for a few days,
I’m sick of homework,
I’m sick of teachers constantly ragging on me,

I’m sick of Disney channel,
And having to watch it for 13 hours straight because no good movies are on,
I’m sick of laying in bed so long my back starts hurting,
I’m sick of chicken noodle soup,

I’m sick of feeling as dirty as a dumpster,
And wanting so much to take a shower, but not having the energy to get up,
I’m sick of trying all day for sleep and only getting an hour’s worth,
And more than anything else:
I’m sick………of being sick

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