May 12, 2017
By Ryuvang BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Ryuvang BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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Left lone late at night
Wielding a blade in the shade of night
Snap, goes a skinny stick in the dark forest
Alarmed is he like a wispy owl
To this point, he was
For nothing was
There with him
For everyone had fell to the end
He feels an aching sensation which pains him
The lack of family or friends,
A watery stream lines the edges
Of his face

The author's comments:

   The poem I created here is about a man who can be either young or old which is up to the reader to decide. He lives alone  while travelling the world to find a home, with the thing that fills a home. I like 1 part and that is the line "Himself". This line is all alone, like the lone soul  of that of the man the poem speaks of.

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