The cat and the Mouse

March 19, 2009
By , finlayson, MN
Like a cat you mess with my head,
You can’t just kill me and leave me dead.
You like to torture me and play with my mind,
Unless I’m feeling bad nothing is fine.
You thrive on the pain that you make me feel,
You bite me and throw me around trying to see if I’ll squeal.
But if I do it excites you in many ways,
This little game of yours could go on all day.

Like a mouse I try to run,
But it only makes your game more fun.
You love it when I try to flee,
And deep in your mind you say you’ll never be free.
And I can see past that fuzzy face that others adore,
I can see past that mask and you are much more.
I come home and do what you ask,
And only for me do you remove that mask.
Then that smile swipes back across your face,
And now I know that the game is back in place.
I try to scurry but you grabbed my tail,
And although I want to I know I can’t bail.
Like a cat you won’t kill me right away,
Because you thrive on torturing me every single day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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randolph09 said...
Apr. 3, 2009 at 5:44 pm
I love this! It's deep, but has a good meaning!
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