The Third Time

May 12, 2017

Without the warmth and light of your soul the world withers and dies as if a human without oxygen
The human concept cries and rewrites the whole story of what it really means to be alive in your eyes.
Without you the world doesn't rise, no, it all falls on what we all rely on to be safe.
There's millions, if not billions of ways that what I'm saying to you has been said
But what differentiates my name in place of those pages is the way your eyes sparkle as we kiss in bed
The way you smile when you see me and the way your eyes shine when the light hits just right


That is what we rewrite
We rewrite the way lovers fall and scream the way that lovers do
We see each other and we/rewrite
But it's never enough to explain the very way my heart races when I see your name
It's never enough to explain how you make me feel like I'm not insane because of the pain
And it is surely never enough to truly convey what has been said millions if not billions of times
That I have fallen for you, for the third time tonight.

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