the flower drawing

May 12, 2017
By Anonymous

As I draw this beautiful flower on this clean white page, no one knows the pain that is being poured out while drawing it. All the tears shed while drawing this picture, yet it's just a drawing, right? Nothing more, but so much emotion can be put in 1 picture without being seen. You can draw a beautiful flower and it can stand tall, yet the person could be broken on the inside and wish that they could stand as beautiful and tall as that flower. The flower is a symbol of the strength they are missing; the flower is to show what they wish they could be but can't become. Sometimes, it's hard to push yourself and believe you can do you best, and yet even a flower has its problems. For instance a rose -the most common beautiful flower anyone buys- it's beautiful right but as it slowly grows old is shrivels up and starts to fall apart. All the leaves fall off and it becomes a mess that someone just throws away. That's us humans. As a child we are full of life, full of joy and happiness. As we grow older, things because more tiring -like school, friends, family, and work- on the inside and die because we are too exhausted to keep trying to make ourselves beautiful again. As time goes by faster, we grow to think time is endless. We grow to believe we are invincible, but even a flower isn't invincible.  Who knew we could compare ourselves with a flower. It just shows that we are just as elegant as a flower, and we are all just as beautiful as the flower. It just shows that we are all unique as the flower, but how did this conversation get so deep. How could a conversation about a flower be so deep in a way to pull out your feelings and make you really think? I kept asking myself as I drew this picture, what lies in this picture? What feelings did I put into this picture? Was I sad, happy, depressed, tired, etc? All of these things can make life hard, and drawing is what helps me pour out my feelings. Drawing is what gets me to help me control my feelings. I'm a slave to my our thoughts. Like a flower, we start off as a seed, then grow into a blossoming flower. Then life catches up, and you slowly start to lose your color and start to wither away. We are human and things like this will happen but in the end, just keep you head up and stay strong and beautiful, just like a flower.

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