This Week in Wrestling

May 12, 2017
By Chris0116 BRONZE, Fairfield, Ohio
Chris0116 BRONZE, Fairfield, Ohio
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This week in wrestling. Well on Thursday I wrestled terribly. I wrestled all three periods for a match that should have lasted one period. On Friday it wasn’t any better it was actually worse. I lost my first and only match of the night 8-0.
On Saturday I came back and I did 10x better. In my first match of the day I came out on fire and I pinned the kid from Harrison in the first period. It was now quarter-finals time and the match right before me was a good one. A kid from Loveland and a kid from Western Brown which was the first seed of the tournament. Out of nowhere the first seed from Western Brown gets pinned in the first period.
I knew I had tough competition ahead of me. My coach comes behind and pulls my headgear and whispers “That Loveland kid is here for a fight and you better give it to him because if not you're gonna lose.”  I gave him a head nod I hear them shout my name and I get escorted to my mat. Once again I did the same thing as my last match but quicker I pinned the St.X kid in seconds. A few minutes go by and I sit and ponder in nervousness. I keep on thinking in my head what if he beats me but on the other side I’m thinking this is easy I got this. I hear footsteps and it's my best friend and also drill partner Evan. Him and his dad just tell me “Chris you came here to win now put on those big boy pants and give him the heat!!!!” Shortly after I hear the announcer say “132 pounders through 145 pounders to the bullpen area.” At that moment I adjusted my attitude and  plugged in my ear buds and said to myself lets give him the heat!!!
I hear the call my name and the Loveland kids name and we are escorted to the mat. We line up and shake hands; the whistle blows and I immediately attack and he escapes shortly after with that we just hand wrestled and the period ended 2-1. We are going into the second period and it is my choice of position and i choose neutral. Just as last time I did the same he defended it and as I was coming up he takes me down and puts me to my back. As I fight back to my belly I can hear the referee counting off “1...2…3...4...5…” I am back to my belly and I hear the referee again “3 GREEN!” I quickly get to my feet before time runs out and as soon as I do the whistle blows and the period ends 8-3 and the Loveland kid is up. I hear everyone yelling “YOU NEED A 5 POINT MOVE TO TIE OR A PIN TO WIN!!!” The kid picks neutral I knew at this point i had to go for it. I decide to shot he defended I came back up and throw a head and arm. I put him to his back!! The ref counts “1...2…” and then slams the mat. I clap in joy I pinned the kid and I’m on to the finals!!!
I already knew who I was wrestling a kid from LaSalle I have beat about two times before but this time I wanted the pin that way I pin my way through the bracket and get my t-shirt and my sweet medal. It was GO TIME they said my name and my opponent's name. With no hesitation I go for a big move right away and…. IT PAYS OFF! Immediately the ref smacks the mat I get the pin and WON the tournament. I clap in joy, I get my hand raised and receive my shirt and medal. I facetime my dad and he congratulates me and I took my picture. It was such an amazing day I’d it ten times over.       

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