An Endless Scenario

March 19, 2009
By Anonymous

A dream falls
From the lofty heavens imagination has built,
Vast and bright-burning as the stars above
That sparkle in the night sky
Like diamonds studded in dark silk,
So too the dream sparkles,
But of a different kind:
A dream is the star of the mind.

Gathered from dust of days and years past
Pulled by a force unseen and vast
A fusion wondrous from the center flashed
And sent feelings forth to the mind with a blast.
Light poured forth its mighty beam
And named itself a thing called Dream.

Not now, but then, in sleep it would seem
As if the unreal and weird reigned supreme.
Cats could walk on water, elephants lived underground,
Absurdities and oddities and anomalies abound.
Soon this dream, this star would expand
As if it were stretched by invisible hands.
The weird, the strange, whom logic defies
Would grow to monster, nightmare size.
Our precious, serene sleeper so dear
Engulfed and swallowed, followed by fear

Our cream-white star has begun to morph
To frightening blue giant from meek red dwarf
But hope to our dreamer: The dream burns fast,
Doomed to a quick death, not meant to last.
The terror of the night, the source of all fears
Implodes, explodes, and soon disappears
All that’s left, a dark barren core
The dream is nothing, nowhere, no more.

A signal to the dreamer that gone is the worst
Comes in a magnificent beautiful burst
Beams of light of every hue
Fly from the dream and bid it adieu.
Outshining all stars, beyond compare
They seem to remind us that hope is still there.

But now the fantastical world of dream
Must make way for a new regime.
Through rays of light it makes it way
For eager, anxious, awaiting day.

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