The Dark

March 19, 2009
By lane575 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
lane575 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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The Dark

I stare directly at you,
as I hide in a shady corner of the small room.
Not knowing that I am there
you float around your mind traveling somewhere else.
I see your eyes,
deep in color from no sleep,
your cheeks red as blood from the cold that you are just getting over.
Your hair that was once in a long braid sits lazily on your back,
as if not touched for years,
the knots and tangles strung together it seems by one single thread.
Your hands tremble so badly,
that when you go to pick up a pencil it drops ligtly from your fingertips,
with a silent thud against the floor.
Your lips about to say something,
close and are turned into a straight line,
as if they haven't talked for years.
A sadness that I can feel,
erupts from your face like a volcano,
as if trying to break your face,
into a million peices.
Tears drop infront of me,
soaking the dark blue carpet.
I don't notice until I can taste salt water on my toung,
sweet and salty at the same time.
I look up and see the girl staring at me from across the room,
her eyes holding confusion and a sadness too.
I race towards the girl wrapping my arms around her warm body,
and whisper sorry over and over again.
She hugs me back,
cold tears dripping down her face.
She looks me in the eyes,
and says,
I know it hurts,
but that is why we have eachother,
to get us through each day,
from dawn to when the sun sets.
I look up into her lopaz eyes,
and I see myself staring back at me,
and I smile,
knowing that we can both make it through this,
one step at a time.

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