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May 8, 2017
By Its_Nats BRONZE, Hemet, California
Its_Nats BRONZE, Hemet, California
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[Log 1]
-When you talked with the Cosmos, what did you hear? Was it pretty sounding?
~It was your heart beat
-Did you find out what was most important to you, did the Cosmos tell you?
~No, we must find that on our own
-What about us? Did the Cosmos tell you of our fate?
~Haha, as long as I’m with you, it’s magical
-So what is it you really want then?
~Nothing I don’t have 
-What is it that I want?
~Everything, yet nothing
-So, what did the Cosmos say?

Remember this now:
The Cosmos dances ever flowing to the beat of her own heart, the very beat that drives us. The only way to talk to her is to dance with her.
please. follow her movement, each stretch of her limb, each turn of her body. your breathing must match with hers, and as you dance and synch up, you just may catch her eyes.
You will feel shaky, uncertain, perhaps afraid
She begs to talk with someone, as an eternity must get lonely
when she notices you, speak. Ask. Cry and plead and anything else
please, she needs the company
She will slow her dance to talk with you
the stars and planets will turn at a lesser pace and will dull out to minor lights
it will decorate the space in which you and she exist
you will finally feel peace when you gaze upon her after she finishes her dance
Her shape is ever changing, but always beautiful or handsome
some see her in reds, fiery and reaching, warm, loving, and hungry
some see her in blues, melancholy yet calm. understanding of all pain
some see her in yellows, anxious and ever listening and protective of you
some see her in green, healthy and motherly, waiting for your tears your words
even still, some see all of the above, and she is beautiful and caring
Ask her what you’d like, speak to her, and then say goodbye
it may be hard to leave her all alone, but she’s used to it
do not stay, unless you wish to lose your memories and life
But Perhaps It Is Worth It To See Her Happy After All She's Done
At this point, you must turn away
the stars will brighten and the planets turning faster
she will place you in your bed
When You Wake Up You May Believe It To Be A Dream
It Is Best You Forget, Lest The Knowledge Hurt You
The Secrets Of The Universe Do Not Come So Cheap
Remember this now:

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