May 8, 2017
By Raven-Nevermore BRONZE, Salt Lake , Utah
Raven-Nevermore BRONZE, Salt Lake , Utah
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“It takes more than a glowing alien wound, a fall from the upper atmosphere, and crashing into a hard pan surface, at what I’m guessing is about 25 meters per second squared, to get rid of me. How are you?”

Drip drip drip
Go the tears I cry
No that's not right
I hold them in
I hold them in, in an attempt to hide the pain I feel inside.


With this arrowhead around my neck
I take it in hand and
Stab at my black bleeding heart
In an attempt to stop the pain I feel!
Stop the bleeding till I can’t bleed anymore!


Everyone thinks I’m alright
Thanks to the mask I wear,
Because no one want to be with the little girl who’s smile is broken &
black heart is always bleeding.

Can no one stop this pain I feel?
This pain I feel deep inside of myself
This pain I don't quite understand myself.


My emotions are broken and dead
I try to get the stones that were once my emotions to breath again,
With this arrowhead around my neck I stab at the stone encasing my bleeding black heart
In an attempt to get it to beat once again.


This pain festering inside
Morphing and coursing through my veins
Causing the bleeding inside my heart’s stone casing!


With this arrowhead around my neck
I attempt to stop the pain and the bleeding inside myself
Won't anyone come and save me from the torture this unforgiving and uncaring world has put me through!


It seems that no one around me understands the pain and torment I’ve been through.
“Oh I understand what you’re going through.” everyone has said to me.


You don't understand!
You could never understand the way it feels to be broken and dead inside.
To have your heart encased in stone and forever be bleeding.
To have emotions that never breath, that never feel, that can never be mended, that can never be alive again!
You don’t understand how it feels to have to fake a smile everywhere you go.
You could never understand how it feels.


You could never know how it feels to be helpless and never once be helped,
You could never know how it feels to drown in the pain & sorrow & self doubt of your own demise!
You could never know how it feels to be completely broken and dead inside!

So please won’t anyone help me?
Help me to escape the prison that was built up around me?
Help me to revive my dead and shattered emotions?
Help me to mend my broken smile?
Help me to stop the bleeding of my bleeding black heart?
Help me to stop drowning in my own pain and sorrow?
Help me to be alive again?


If you see before you a girl who’s smiling and happy to be here, you’re wrong.
What you’re really seeing is a girl who’s in pain and crying out for help.
So please answer her cries.

The author's comments:

What I'm hopeing that people get from this poem is to go the legenths to know what others are going through and to help them.

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