March 19, 2009

Sit down with me so I can watch you ramble about your visions that you hear.
I know it may seem daunting but it’s something that needs to be confessed.

If you take this pill I’m sure your will sing. All the sorrows and the madness that this life can bring will fade way. Hey, what’s even left? A callow empty space I bet so keep those turbulent fixations on this existence’s morbid fascinations.

When you keep it bottled up with those prescriptions freely given by those miracle doctors, who haven’t known you for the hours that I have, then you will surely lose the brain that made you the familiar face today.

So take my advice and stay away from those little blue candy coated supplements. Mellow is the last thing that you need for your inspiration.

The way you make me treacherous is a profession. Cause, you see, your personality is one that I like to profess clears my mind from all this worldly stress. When wrapped up in your unmedicated arms listening to the stuttering images of grandeur is when I love you best.

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