March 18, 2009
By Belle7000 GOLD, Oakley, California
Belle7000 GOLD, Oakley, California
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The rain falls
As I start to ball
Watching it come down
It lands on the ground
It lands on my face
Washing away the disgrace
Mixing with my salty tears
That was brought on by my peers
I look up and let the rain pound
Upon my face, erasing all sound
Wishing it would stay like this forever
Hearing nothing, not ever
But I open my eyes
As the rain begins to let in the lies
I know I have to face it
And I don't like it a bit
But life is not easy
It is not a nice summer day hot and breezy
Yet, there is no point in sitting here crying
Listening to their continuous lying
I know the rain can't fix my life
Nothing else can, not even a knife
The only person who can fix my world
That is now all messed up and swirled
Is me
I'm the only one who has the key
I have to stand
And step out of dream land
I have to take charge
Just call me serge
Because I am sick of people shooting me down
Wondering how many shoots will keep me on the ground
When I realized then
No one has enough bullets
I will rise again

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