Orange Jump Suit

March 18, 2009
By Belle7000 GOLD, Oakley, California
Belle7000 GOLD, Oakley, California
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My life went down hill
Ever since that day I popped that pill
It was a mistake
And now I sit here and ache
Wishing I could leave
I close my eyes and believe
That I lived in a fantasy
A different world only I could see
I would no longer worry about hurt
Or getting dirt on this shirt
I had left reality
Stepped into a place full of hospitality
Walking around with a smile on my face
When I realized that this place
Is not real
All I can feel
Is the chick behind me
Pushing to see
What we will eat for lunch
Some more crap for our bunch
Because this fantasy has ended
I had just pretended
That I was not wearing this orange jump suit
Waiting in line for a crappy bowl of fruit.

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