Acid Rain

March 18, 2009
By Belle7000 GOLD, Oakley, California
Belle7000 GOLD, Oakley, California
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He use to say
The rain will fall some day
He use to reassure
That the rain would be the cure
He said that when it fell
It would wash away all the hell
He told me not to worry
Because the rain is not in a hurry
He looked at me and swore
That when it came, I would no longer be sore
So I sat for days
Listening to him talk and say
That the rain would wash all my troubles away
I just had to wait for that special day
Months went by
I thought that he had lied
Until I saw that drop fall
I turned around to call
Grandpa, it is finally here
Come and see the pain disappear
I ran to his side
And starred, wide eyed
I took a deep breath
The rain had finally come, as well as death

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